Architectural design providing services adhering to quality spaces, feasibility of site, construction cost and duration. Design that supports Bhutanese architecture, both authentic traditional and minimalistic modern, focusing on the user experience inside-out. Wide range of designs from residential duplexes to apartments, star rated hotels, commercial retails and Institutional infrastructures.


Functional and aesthetical spaces determining the space requirements and a viable selection of furniture, colors and materials, complimenting the entire set up consciously. Emphasis on planning, functional and effective use of space and appropriate placement of fittings.

Project Management

Initiating, executing and completing projects within the designated duration. A process of careful study, analysis, planning and managing with a comprehensive work plan, adhering to the budget and time of the project. Complete MEP solutions, partnering with foreign associates, surveying and master planning of the project. 


Construction and site management/supervision. Undertaking Design and build projects, construction of specialized project especially hotels and independent buildings, or Site management of construction. Emphasis on quality of construction, maintaining project timeline, selection of good materials and systems ideal for the project. Overall control and management of on-site work progress regarding technical, functional, material stock inventory and excellence of work performance.